Alfa Romeo Sprint - overview and model summary

What was the concept of this car?

The Alfa Romeo Sprint was a small, sporty car that was introduced in the early 1960s. The concept behind the car was to create a light and nimble vehicle that could be enjoyed by both drivers and passengers alike. The Sprint featured a sleek and stylish design, and was powered by a small but powerful engine. Although the car was not particularly fast, it was great fun to drive and was very popular with enthusiasts.

Why is this model so popular?

The Alfa Romeo Sprint is a popular car model for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is considered to be a very stylish car. Secondly, it is known for being very reliable and efficient. Finally, it is a very affordable car, which makes it a great option for many car buyers.

What kind of design it has?

The Sprint was designed by Giugiaro and was based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta platform. The car had a squarer look than the Giulietta, with four square headlights. The interior was also more spartan, with less trim and no wood dashboard. The Sprint was offered with 1.3- and 1.5-litre engines, both four-cylinder.

What options are typically included?

The Alfa Romeo Sprint is a compact sports car that was introduced in 1976. It was produced until 1989 and was offered in both a coupe and convertible body style. The Sprint was powered by a variety of four-cylinder engines, and various options were available. These options included air conditioning, power windows, and a sunroof.

What types of engines are built in?

Alfa Romeo Sprint models come equipped with four-cylinder engines. There are two engine types available for the Alfa Romeo Sprint: a 1.4-litre petrol engine and a 1.5-litre diesel engine. Both engines are turbocharged and have a six-speed manual gearbox. Alfa Romeo Sprint models with the 1.4-litre petrol engine have a power output of 120PS, while models with the 1.5-litre diesel engine have a power output of 130PS.

When it was used for racing?

The Alfa Romeo Sprint was used for racing in the early 1960s. It was a very successful race car and won many races.

What kind of drivers like it?

Alfa Romeo Sprint drivers are typically passionate and performance-oriented. They're typically in it for the thrill of the ride, and love the feeling of acceleration and cornering. They're also typically very involved in the Alfa Romeo community, and love to show off their cars.

How good is safety?

Alfa Romeo Sprint is a popular car model that is known for its good safety record. The car has a strong structure that helps protect passengers in the event of a collision. The car also has a variety of safety features that help to keep occupants safe. These features include airbags, seatbelts, and a variety of other safety devices. Overall, the Alfa Romeo Sprint is a very safe car that is ideal for those who are looking for a safe and reliable vehicle.

What kind of sport versions were produced?

Alfa Romeo Sprint produced several different sport versions during its production. The most notable and successful was the Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce, which was introduced in 1986. The Veloce was powered by a 1.7 liter twin-cam engine that produced 129 horsepower. It was capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds and had a top speed of 136 mph. The Sprint Veloce was also notable for its handling and handling composure, thanks in part to its sport-tuned suspension.

What kind of special editions are produced?

Alfa Romeo Sprint has been produced in a number of special editions. These have included the limited edition Quadrifoglio Verde, which was produced to commemorate Alfa Romeo's 100th anniversary, and the special edition Alfasud Sprint, which was produced to mark the end of production of the Alfa Sud.

Why the history of this model is so great?

The Alfa Romeo Sprint is a historic model that dates back to the 1950s. It was one of the first true sports cars and set the standard for performance and style. The Sprint was also successful in racing, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1951. Today, the Sprint is a highly sought-after classic car and remains an icon of Italian automotive history.

What kind of pricing it has?

The Alfa Romeo Sprint has a starting price of $33,490. It is available in four different trim levels: Sprint, Sprint Sport, Sprint Speciale, and Sprint Lusso. Each trim level has a different price point, but all four come with a standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 240 horsepower.

How many sales of this model were recorded?

The Alfa Romeo Sprint was introduced in 1985 and remained in production until 1989. A total of 84,721 units were produced during its four-year production run. The Sprint was powered by a 1.5L inline-four engine and was available in both two-door and four-door body styles. It was the first Alfa Romeo car to be built in North America, at the auto manufacturer's plant in Quebec, Canada.

When production started and ended?

The Alfa Romeo Sprint was introduced in 1976, and production continued until 1989. Around 200,000 units were built over the course of those thirteen years. The Sprint was designed as a more affordable and practical alternative to the Alfa Romeo Spider, and it proved to be quite popular. Thanks to its handsome styling, the Sprint was a hit with both the public and the critics, and it remains an iconic Alfa Romeo model to this day.

What kind of books are recommended?

Alfa Romeo Sprint books are recommended for anyone interested in learning about this classic Italian car. The Alfa Romeo Sprint was first introduced in 1961 and has since become one of the most iconic cars ever made. If you are looking for a book that covers the history and technical aspects of the Alfa Romeo Sprint, then the Alfa Romeo Sprint Bible is a great choice. This book is written by an expert on the subject and provides a comprehensive look at the car from its inception to present day.

Are there any folders available?

Alfa Romeo Sprint is a vehicle that is available in both coupe and convertible models. There are a wide variety of colors that this vehicle comes in, which are all very sleek and stylish. The Alfa Romeo Sprint is a great vehicle for those who are looking for speed and agility, as it is known for its excellent handling. The only downside to this vehicle is that it can be a bit pricey, but it is definitely worth the investment.

Where I can find photos of this car?

If you're looking for photos of the Alfa Romeo Sprint, a good place to start is the manufacturer's website. You can also find plenty of images of the car on automotive websites and blogs. If you want to see photos of the Sprint in action, search for videos on YouTube or look for it on Instagram.

What kind of awards this car has?

The Alfa Romeo Sprint has won a number of awards over the years, including the European Car of the Year award in 1976. more recently, it has been awarded the Historic Vehicle of the Year award by the Historic Vehicle Association in the United States.

When and where it was displayed on trade shows?

The Alfa Romeo Sprint was displayed at the Turin Motor Show in October 1974, and was also shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1975. It was then put on sale in the summer of 1975.