Alfa Romeo Matta - overview and model summary

What was the concept of this car?

The Alfa Romeo Matta was a small military utility vehicle produced by the Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo from 1952 to 1954. It was based on the Alfa Romeo 1900 platform and used a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. A total of 1,436 vehicles were built, and the Matta saw service with the Italian Army, Portuguese Army, and Swedish Army.

Why is this model so popular?

The Alfa Romeo Matta is a popular model because it is affordable, reliable, and stylish. This vehicle is perfect for those who want a great car without spending a lot of money. The Matta also has a reputation for being a safe and reliable vehicle, which is perfect for families.

What kind of design it has?

Alfa Romeo Matta is an SUV with a unique design. It has a long wheelbase and a short front end. The body is made of aluminum and the roof is removable. The interior is luxurious and comfortable. The engine is powerful and efficient.

What options are typically included?

Alfa Romeo Mattas are typically equipped with a four-cylinder engine, four-wheel drive, and a variety of other features that make them ideal for off-road driving. Standard features often include a skid plate, tow hooks, and a Warn winch.

What types of engines are built in?

The Alfa Romeo Matta was a light four-wheel drive vehicle produced by the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo from 1953 to 1954. It was powered by a 1.5-litre inline-four engine, and was available with both petrol and diesel engines. The petrol engine was capable of producing 45 hp, while the diesel engine was capable of producing 35 hp. The Matta was available in both two- and four-wheel drive configurations. It had a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph).

When it was used for racing?

Between 1948 and 1971 the Alfa Romeo Matta was used for racing purposes. In 1948, the Matta won the first post-war Mille Miglia race, driven by Clemente Biondetti. In 1950, the Matta won the Targa Florio race, again with Biondetti behind the wheel. In 1951 and 1952, the Matta won the Monte Carlo Rally. In 1971, the Matta finished first in the Safari Rally, driven by Björn Waldegård.

What kind of drivers like it?

The Alfa Romeo Matta is a great choice for drivers who want a stylish and capable off-road vehicle. With its powerful engine and capable suspension, the Matta is able to tackle any terrain. Drivers will also appreciate the Matta's comfortable interior and its standout exterior design.

How good is safety?

Alfa Romeo Matta is a car that is known for its safety. It is one of the safest cars on the market and has a variety of features that make it a safe choice for families. It is also a good choice for those who are looking for a car that is reliable and has a good reputation.

What kind of sport versions were produced?

Alfa Romeo Matta sports versions were produced in small numbers between 1952 and 1954. They were based on the standard Matta but had a more powerful engine and improved suspension. Around 200 were made in total.

What kind of special editions are produced?

The Alfa Romeo Matta is a special edition of the popular Italian sports car. These cars are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Only a handful of these special edition cars were ever produced. They are truly a rare find.

Why the history of this model is so great?

Alfa Romeo Matta is a unique and interesting model that has a great deal of history behind it. The story of the car began in the early 1950s when the Italian government commissioned Alfa Romeo to develop a light utility vehicle for the military. The result was the Alfa Romeo Matta, which was designed and built by the same team that created the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The Matta was introduced in 1954 and quickly gained a reputation for being tough and reliable. It soon became popular with civilians as well, and was produced until 1959. Today, the Alfa Romeo Matta is a highly sought-after classic car, and its history is celebrated by enthusiasts all over the world.

What kind of pricing it has?

The Alfa Romeo Matta is a unique and stylish vehicle that is sure to turn heads when driving. This vehicle is available in a range of prices that should fit most budgets. Whether you are looking for a vehicle for daily commuting or weekend getaways, the Alfa Romeo Matta is a great option to consider.

How many sales of this model were recorded?

The Alfa Romeo Matta was a popular model, with sales reaching over 10,000 units. However, production of the car ceased in 1967 and it is now a collector's item.

When production started and ended?

Alfa Romeo Matta production started in 1952 and ended in 1954. A total of 1,200 units were produced during those two years. The Matta was designed as a light military vehicle and was used by the Italian army and police forces. The vehicle was powered by a 1.5-liter inline-four engine and had a top speed of 60 mph.

What kind of books are recommended?

Alfa Romeo Matta is a great car for anyone who loves to drive. It is recommended that you read books about this car before you purchase it. This will help you make an informed decision about whether or not this car is right for you. There are many different books available about this car, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs.

Are there any folders available?

There is no shortage of options when it comes to finding an Alfa Romeo Matta for sale. You can find them new, used, or even as a rental car. If you are looking for a specific model, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first is that there are two different types of Mattas: the Alfa Romeo Matta and the Alfa Romeo Matta America. The second is that the America is a much rarer find than the regular Matta. As such, it will likely cost more. However, both models are excellent choices if you are in the market for an affordable and stylish vehicle.

Where I can find photos of this car?

Alfa Romeo Matta is a car that was produced by Alfa Romeo from 1953 to 1954. It was a small off-road vehicle that was designed for the Italian military. It was never officially exported to the United States, but some were imported by private individuals. You can find photos of the Alfa Romeo Matta online on websites such as Pinterest and Flickr.

What kind of awards this car has?

The Alfa Romeo Matta was a four-wheeled drive vehicle produced by Alfa Romeo from 1951 to 1954. It was powered by a 1.5-litre inline-four engine and was available in both two- and four-door body styles. The Matta was Alfa Romeo's first off-road vehicle and was designed for use in agricultural and industrial applications. It was also popular with the Italian military, who used it as a light utility vehicle. The Matta was produced until 1954, when it was replaced by the Alfa Romeo Giulia. The Alfa Romeo Matta won the "Truck of the Year" award in 1951 and 1952. It was also named "Most Outstanding Truck of the Year" by the United States Automotive Hall of Fame in 1951.

When and where it was displayed on trade shows?

The Alfa Romeo Matta was displayed at the 1954 Turin Motor Show. It was also displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in 1955.